coworking safety

Updated & Enhanced Safety Policies

‘Tis the season of good news and bad news. The good news is that we’ve got two covid vaccines on the horizon, with widespread distribution slated for early 2021. The bad news is that we’ve got an entire winter to get through. With cases ticking up across the city, public health officials are urging New […]

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Coworking During the Pandemic: Members Share Their Positive Experience

“Although coworking has been dramatically impacted by COVID-19 and the financial crisis, it’s likely to remain a viable and important alternative for a variety of user types in the years to come,” says Cushman & Wakefield in their August 2020 report, The Changing Role of Coworking Workplace Ecosystem. While that assessment is good news, Brooklyn […]

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BCL is Here for You: Coworking During a Time of Social Distancing

As New York City escalates the response to the spread of coronavirus, Team BCL is committed to being as timely, transparent, and safe as we possibly can in our management of the crisis. Here’s what we’re doing.

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