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Collaboration and community are the twin pillars of Brooklyn Creative League’s culture. We strive to foster an environment in which our members not only thrive in their own careers and businesses, but also support each other’s growth. Many of our members have found both clients and vendors within our community or through the BCL network.

In fact, the website that you’re currently browsing was built by and contributed to by members including Seltzer Creative Group (graphics), Ichimoto Inc. (photography and design), Roberto Falck Photography (photography), and Media Volery (marketing and web design). Plus our spaces were developed with member Eric Safyan / Architect, P.C. (architecture).

Our regular schedule of events, lunches, happy hours, workshops, and industry working groups offer countless ways to build relationships based on shared interests, knowledge, and trust. Members are the heart of Brooklyn Creative League’s ethos and experience. We’re a dynamic ecosystem of independent professionals who come together to work, learn, laugh, and grow.

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Members’ Experiences in Their Own Words

Recorded for BCL’s 10th Anniversary

98% of our members say they would recommend Brooklyn Creative League to a colleague, according to our 2019 member survey.

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Joshua Mandelbaum

Executive Director / 826NYC

“Brooklyn Creative League has served as the home of the 826NYC offices for more than a year and it could not be a more comfortable and welcoming space. Erin and Neil have built something special and any nonprofit organization would be lucky to have the BCL as HQ.”