4 Unexpected Ways to Use Your Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have evolved beyond your typical, everyday work hubs, and many provide community members with some pretty cool perks. At BCL, not only do we maintain an environment conducive to both productivity and creativity, but we also offer some lesser-known resources that we encourage you to take advantage of. From facilitating collaborative writers’ rooms to serving as a haven for book collectors, coworking spaces like BCL offer a plethora of possibilities to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Here are a few ways coworking spaces can serve your business both short-term and long-term:

(Television) Writers’ Room

BCL offers a quiet space for writers to work in Brooklyn.

TV shows often need to set up a writers’ room for a limited time. When there’s a shortage of room on set, a coworking space can be the perfect auxiliary meetup spot for writers. Located just a short walk from Steiner Studios (Brooklyn Navy Yard), BCL is one of the best places in Brooklyn for showrunners to set up a quiet and in-person writers’ room just steps away from set. We furnish private offices to spec so you can enjoy a collaborative atmosphere tailored to your specific needs.

Library/Reading Room

Companies like ForGibness Books (see this blog post) and Honey & Wax Rare Booksellers (and this blog post) have used BCL as their home base, using our dedicated spaces to create the perfect showrooms/reading rooms for their prized collections. We welcome you to curate your own unique experience where you can read, study, browse, and bask in the quiet ambiance to your heart’s content. The tranquil vibe makes for an unexpected yet perfect setting for bibliophiles.

Therapist’s Office

Did you know? Coworking spaces offer excellent solutions for therapists seeking comfortable, private settings for their practice. BCL offers receptionist services and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for your patients, whether in-person or online. We supply private, locking offices furnished to spec (i.e., we can provide sofas or comfy chairs), as well as discreet entrances/exits for added privacy. Plus, we offer a wellness room, refreshments, and back-office conveniences that add that little extra something to give visitors a pleasant, supportive experience.

Filming a Course/Virtual Speaking

With well-designed interiors, professional lighting, and equipment support, coworking spaces provide a visually appealing and distraction-free environment for creatives. Whether you’re filming instructional videos, recording podcasts, or hosting webinars, coworking spaces like BCL can serve as versatile studios for content creators. We have dedicated rooms sound-proofed for high-quality audio recording; plus, you can borrow equipment (such as an extra monitor) as needed.


We hope we’ve inspired you to use your coworking space as the perfect backdrop or resource center for your next project. We encourage you to look into all the unique ways you can make your coworking space work for YOU, and support your continued success.