Ten Facts About Gowanus That Are as Weird as the Canal Itself

Here are a few fun facts we learned about Gowanus and its infamous canal.

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6 Great Lunch Spots in Park Slope and Gowanus Within a 10-minute Walk

BCL members share 6 of their favorite lunch spots within a 10 minute walk from the office.

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Member Profile: Author Hana Schank Shares Inspiration Behind Her New Book, “The Ambition Decisions”

Hana Schank, a part-time BCL Member and author of The Ambition DecisionsWhat Women Know About Work, Family, and the Path to Building a Life, shares her inspiration behind the book, life as a working mother, and why she decided to work at BCL. 

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Hit the Ground Running: 5 Tips to Crossing the Finish Line When You’ve Never Run Before

Here at BCL, we’re big on work-life balance. Staying fit and healthy is important to the members of our coworking community. Since I’ve started running, many of my friends and relatives have asked me how the heck to even start! So, I wanted to take this opportunity to share my beginner’s guide on how to hit the ground running- literally!

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