Our Vision & Values

Honest Materials, Built With Care: How We Designed a Space that Looks, Feels, and Functions Great

It’s been over a decade since I asked my old friend, the award-winning interior designer
Malcolm James Kutner, for guidance with Brooklyn Creative League, but I remember his advice like it was yesterday: “Use honest materials.”

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This Must Change

As business owners, we have a special obligation to rectify these historic wrongs by building a fairer, more just economic system. BCL will do this by focusing on three specific areas: capital, culture, and community.

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Culture and Community: How Independent Coworking Can Beat Corporate Competition | By Neil F. Carlson

Brooklyn Creative League Co-founder, Neil F. Carlson shares the philosophy and business values that makes BCL such a unique, and community-oriented coworking space

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2017: Note to Self

Community Manager Brittany provides some extra motivation and why we have to fight to make 2017 our year. 

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BCL Stands With Women

Saturday, January 21st made history as over one million women and allies marched on Washington DC to stand up for the rights of US Citizens, immigrants, women, children, LGBTQIA, people with disabilities, sexual assault survivors and more who stand to lose those rights under the new administration. (Read more about the Women’s March Mission & […]

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Company Giving: Charity & Social Investment 2016

When we started Brooklyn Creative League, we set out to create a company that embodied our conviction that we’re all better off when we’re ALL better off. We’ve built an organization whose economic value is rooted in community, collaboration, and mutual benefit. As a part of this commitment, we allocate 5% of BCL’s profits to […]

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