Updated & Enhanced Safety Policies

*Updated December 17, 2021*

New York City is in the midst of a major spike in covid cases, as positivity rates have jumped from 3.4% to 6.5% in three days. Early data indicate that it is much more transmissible than previous strains, but the likelihood of serious outcomes is much lower than with previous strains—if you are fully vaccinated. That said, BCL has always followed the science, and the science indicates that it’s time to tighten up our covid protocols, at least until we have a fuller understanding of omicron’s morbidity.

We are constantly evaluating our policies as infection rates shift and guidelines change, and we will loosen restrictions as soon as we have more data. But for now, this is what Team BCL is doing—and what we are asking members to do as well:

BCL Members (and Team BCL)

  • Proof of vaccination is REQUIRED to enter the BCL space—members, guests, and employees. New York City’s new vaccine mandate requires that all private sector employees (and users of coworking spaces) be fully vaccinated—or risk fines of $1000 per incident for employers who do not comply.

  • Voluntary booster tracking. If you have received your booster shot, please let us know so we can track the percentage of members who are fully vaxed and boosted.

  • Enhanced mask requirements. Henceforth, masks are required in common areas–hallways, lounge, rest rooms, sitting areas, and when talking on the phone at your desk. Masks are also required in the conference rooms because they take longer to sanitize between uses. Members may go maskless at their desks, in the phone booths, and in the two- and four-person meeting rooms. Office members may be mask-less if working alone in their office.

  • Symptoms and quarantine. If you have any symptoms, please stay home and get a PCR test right away. If you test positive, please alert us immediately so we can alert others. You will also need to quarantine at home according to the latest CDC guidelines.

Team BCL

  • Continued sanitizing. We will continue disinfecting phone booths and meeting rooms between uses. Please let us know ASAP when you are finished. Given their small footprints, the phone booths and 2-person rooms only require 5 minutes of UV light, while the four-person room needs just 15 minutes.

  • Stepped up enforcement. Moving forward, we will be more assertive about enforcing guidelines among members. None of us—including ourselves—have perfect compliance. Erin and Neil have both caught ourselves on occasion forgetting to put our mask back on after finishing our morning coffee. It happens. So please don’t take it personally if we reach out with a friendly reminder.

Thank you so much for your understanding, cooperation, and continued support. We’re proud of how BCL members have pulled together in these trying times!