Updated & Enhanced Safety Policies

‘Tis the season of good news and bad news. The good news is that we’ve got two covid vaccines on the horizon, with widespread distribution slated for early 2021. The bad news is that we’ve got an entire winter to get through. With cases ticking up across the city, public health officials are urging New Yorkers to ramp up their vigilance so we can keep rates low. For at least the next few weeks, BCL is tightening our health and safety policies as outlined below. We understand that these restrictions are inconvenient, and we don’t insist on them lightly. We understand we may even lose members, but we feel it’s in the interest of the BCL community — and the NYC community at large —  to follow the recommendations of public health officials. That said, we are constantly evaluating our policies as infection rates shift and guidelines change. But for now, this is what Team BCL is doing–and what we are asking members to do as well:

BCL Members (and Team BCL)

  • Enhanced mask requirements. Henceforth, masks are required at all times except for eating, drinking, or using a designated mask-free phone booth or meeting room. Office members may be mask-less if working alone in their office.

  • Tighter restrictions on eating and socializing. Eating in the lounge is permitted, but no talking in the lounge unless you are wearing a mask.

  • Travel quarantines and testing. If you travel out of New York State, you must follow the state’s quarantine policy before returning to BCL. That means either quarantining for 14 days after returning, or “testing out” of quarantine per state guidelines. PLEASE REVIEW THE QUARANTINE POLICY and reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Personal health and hygiene. Please close the toilet lid *before* you flush, and stay home if you have any cold- or flu-like symptoms.

  • Contact tracing. While we are discouraging visitors, we understand that some members must meet with clients and customers. From now on, however, we will be requiring all guests to register upon entering the space so we can do contact tracing if someone tests positive. Moreover, we encourage you to keep a log of the days/time that you are at BCL, or consider installing a contact tracing app on your phone.


 Team BCL

  • Increased sanitizing. We have asked our cleaners to disinfect all common areas using CDC-approved disinfecting steam cleaners.

  • Stepped up enforcement. Moving forward, we will be more assertive about enforcing guidelines among members. None of us — including ourselves — have perfect compliance. Erin and Neil have both caught ourselves on occasion forgetting to put our mask back on after finishing our morning coffee. It happens. So please don’t take it personally if we reach out with a friendly reminder.

  • Creating a splash page with covid guidelines. Starting next week, anyone accessing the BCL network will be directed to a splash screen, where they will be required to affirm that they have read our guidelines and agree to abide by them. Yes, it’s a bit pedantic, but studies show that friendly repetition is the best way to get compliance.


Thank you so much for your understanding, cooperation, and continued support.  We’re proud of how BCL members have pulled together in these trying times.  Just a few more months to go.  Courage and perseverance.