Coworking During the Pandemic: Members Share Their Positive Experience

“Although coworking has been dramatically impacted by COVID-19 and the financial crisis, it’s likely to remain a viable and important alternative for a variety of user types in the years to come,” says Cushman & Wakefield in their August 2020 report, The Changing Role of Coworking Workplace Ecosystem.

While that assessment is good news, Brooklyn Creative League (like you our members) has definitely been impacted by the pandemic. It’s been a challenging time, but we’re thankful that we’re still in business and that our coworking office in Gowanus, Brooklyn, is 24/7 for members to come in and get their work done. It really brings us joy to see folks continue to show up here and work in their space away from home.

As we discussed in a previous post, to keep members safe, we’ve made some changes to the space and laid out a set of guidelines for all of us to adhere to. Thank you to everyone for doing your part to keep others safe.

Some members have been working at BCL for the past few months and some have just started coming back more recently. We spoke to a few of these members and wanted to hear their thoughts on their experience of working in an office again.

Members Share Their Experience

“I’ve really appreciated the attention to detail in the reimagined BCL common spaces: the spaced tables, touch-free fixtures, sanitizing stations, antibacterial wipes, single-serving coffee service. I know it’s been a challenge for a place dedicated to community building to institute a more distanced way of working, but I have felt supported and considered in all the changes made in response to COVID-19.”
—Heather O’Donnell, Honey & Wax Booksellers

“BCL is probably one of the most conscientious, safest public spaces I’ve visited. I’m more comfortable at BCL than any other space aside from home. I work in one of the open desks but haven’t had any issues at all. People wear masks when in common areas, and the BCL team thoroughly cleans every surface daily, and even has the ‘last cleaning time’ listed throughout the space.

Mental health and separation from home is very important to me. Having a space where I can get in the flow and focus has been amazing. I’ve not only been productive—which is great for cash flow—I’ve also enjoyed the calm, focused atmosphere. I get a bit distracted, and have some cabin fever, if I stay home all day.”

—Matt Thurmond, Software Engineer

“I’ve felt fine in the BCL space because of three factors: a really spacious layout, knowledge that the BCL staff are being obsessive in their disinfecting and following of other safety protocols, and trust that other members of BCL’s community are being careful and sensible too.

That last factor counts for a lot—the fact that I know a bunch of BCLers means that I can have confidence that they’re being cautious about virus safety, not just in the space but (just as important) in the rest of their lives as well, which of course is something you can’t assume about any random stranger you might meet in a less community-oriented space.

Combining all this with New York City’s current very low case positivity rates and other benchmarks, I’m basically very relaxed to be here—and more relaxed in the rest of my life for being able to actually get through some work, in an environment much better suited to productivity than at home!”
—Oliver Burkeman, Journalist

Thank you again to all of our members for supporting each other and supporting us. We’re always glad to see your faces.

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