Safe Coworking: COVID-19 FAQs and Answers

We’ve been doing a lot here at Brooklyn Creative League to keep our community and the NYC community at large, safe. We’ve updated our Enhanced Safety Policies for safe coworking to follow the public health recommendations and will continue to evaluate our policies.

If you have any further questions in addition to our stated policies, you can find some general BCL COVID FAQs and answers below

COVID-19 FAQs and Answers

Q. What is the current mask policy?

    • As we go into the winter months, we’ve enhanced our health and safety protocols. For the next several weeks, members are required to wear a mask at all times, unless they are eating or drinking, or are in a designated mask-free phone booth or small meeting room. Office members may be maskless if they are working alone in their office.

Q. Are sanitizing supplies easily accessible? Ex: wipes, hand sanitizer.

  • Sanitizing supplies are stationed throughout the space. Please use it frequently.
  • Team BCL also uses UV light to sanitize the phone booths and meeting rooms between uses. We seal rooms with magnets or ribbons, so you can tell if they have been sanitized. Please alert a member of Team BCL if a room needs to be sanitized, and do not use rooms that do not have a seal.

Q. What air system changes have been made for COVID? Are windows allowed to be opened?

  • We have opened all the dampers on our HVAC system, maximizing the amount of fresh air circulating throughout the space. If opening a window makes you feel more comfortable, please feel free to do so. Just remember to close it when you leave.

Q. What systems are in place for high-touch areas?

  • High-touch points are sanitized by staff a minimum of three times a day. Signage notes the last time the area was sanitized. Furthermore, our cleaning service sanitizes common areas with high-pressure steam and CDC-approved disinfectants.

Q. Is the lounge area still open?

  • Our lounges are open to members, but with a few important changes that reduce touchpoints and provide for social distancing. Coffee and tea are served by airpot and a hot water dispenser, and beverage condiments have been switched out with single-use sweeteners and creamer. We’ve reduced seating and moved snacks/supplies around to change traffic flow. Members may remove their masks to eat at the lounge tables, but talking is *not* allowed if you are not wearing a mask.
  • We’re not thrilled about any of these changes, and we can’t wait for the day when we can return our lounges to the vibrant social hubs they once were. We look forward to offering lots of dairy and sweetener options, shared homemade goodies, and cold brew coffee on tap. For now, we hope you agree that these changes are small sacrifices designed to keep us all healthy.

Q. How should members prepare for their lunches? Are there any specific guidelines around eating at the office?

  • Eating is one of the risker activities, so we encourage members to proceed with caution. We strongly discourage assembling meals (i.e., chopping and assembling salads) at BCL to minimize exposure to surfaces and utensils. You are welcome to eat at BCL, but please be quick about it and minimize the amount of time you are without a mask.

Curious to know more? Check out our General FAQ page.