General BCL Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Here at Brooklyn Creative League in Gowanus, we offer an array of different memberships, administrative support, and complimentary tea & coffee throughout the day. In addition to your basic coworking membership, you may have some questions about the other offerings or operations here at the space—so we’ve included a general FAQ guide for you below.

FAQ on Memberships and Services

Q: Which areas are designated for quiet work (no phone conversations are allowed)?

  • The only area designated as a “no talking zone” is the Think Tank, the third-floor Flex Desk area in the back of the space.
  • Phone calls are allowed elsewhere, in offices, and at desks, as long as the calls are not disruptive to neighbors. Please see BCL’s phone policy for details.

Q: Where can I find standing desk workspaces available? Can Dedicated Desk members also use them?

  • We have standing desks upstairs in our quiet Think Tank and downstairs by the windows overlooking President Street. The standing desks are set aside for our Flex members; however, Dedicated desk and Office members are welcome to use the desks for a short stint, if a Flex member hasn’t reserved the spot.

Q: Where are all of the Flex desks located? Are there different areas for different uses, such as a quiet area?

  • We have Flex desks located throughout both floors so that you can find a spot that best fits your work style. On the third floor, you’ll find great big desks located near the lounge (desks 20, 21, and 22). Our “Think Tank” is our no-phone zone, located in the back of the third floor. Here, you’ll find both standing and conventional desks. Downstairs, we have standing desks lining the front windows and a row of conventional desks near the doors leading to the lounge.
  • Phone calls are permitted at all Flex desks except in the Think Tank. (Please observe the BCL phone policy).

Q: I’m a Flex member. Can I leave my belongings overnight?

  • Sure! We have lockers and lockable file cabinets available for use on a monthly basis. Lockers are located on the third floor ($10/month), and there are file cabinets on both floors ($15/month). If you have something you just want to leave overnight, please ask Neil or Erin to stash it in their office.

Q: What are the available shipping/mail services?

  • We have mail service and supplies for US Priority Mail, FedEx, and UPS. You may use your own postage or account numbers to send mail out, or use BCL’s accounts. BCL does not charge a service fee for shipping your packages, beyond the postage charged by the carrier. Shipping costs and delivery times vary, according to the carrier, destination, and service selected.
  • All three carriers pick up outgoing packages daily, or BCL staff will drop off your package at shipping facilities.
  • Shipping supplies are kept in the third-floor copy room. Please bring your mail/package to the front desk for assistance.

Q: How many phone booths are available for private calls and where are they located?

  • There are four phone booths on each floor. On the first floor, there are two booths you may reserve through the BCL Member Portal, and two ‘pop in rooms’ that don’t need to be reserved.
  • On the third floor, you’ll find two booths in the lounge by the windows, and two in the copy room. Third-floor booths are not reserved.
  • Note: phone booths are sanitized after each use with UV light technology. Please follow the posted instructions on the phone booth doors.

Q: Are there other services that BCL provides that I don’t know about?

  • Over the years, we’ve added lots of services and features that help you get your work done, including:
    • Color and/or large format printing: Send your document, preferrably as a pdf, to a BCL staff person. (Fee: $.50/page)
    • Bulk shredding: Bring your stack of documents to the third-floor reception desk for secure, easy disposal. (Fee: $1/pound)
    • Scanning: Our photocopy machines are also hi-speed scanners. Directions are posted above the machines; or ask a staff person for help. (Fee: unlimited, free scanning)
    • Incoming/outgoing mail service: See above for outgoing mail service information. Incoming flat mail is placed in your BCL mailbox (Flex member mail is in a shared box on the third floor). Packages are securely stored in Neil and Erin’s office.

Did you know we have a specific COVID-related FAQ page as well? Check it out here!