Meet 4 New Coworking Community Members Focused on People-Centric Work

Now that Fall is here, we’re back to the busy bustle of Brooklyn! The kids are in school and we’ve got a renewed focus on getting our tasks done. In fact, things have picked up here at our offices in Gowanus as members come in more consistently.

BCL prides itself on being a coworking space for professionals, and as new members have joined over the past few weeks, we’re thrilled to see how our community continues to evolve. Since one of the perks of being a coworking member is networking and meeting other like-minded folks, we are so pleased to introduce you to another round of new members!

Ryan McGrady of Wikimedia New York City

Ryan is a part of an active board of directors in an all-volunteer non-profit. “We run events which bring New York together to share in a free knowledge ecosystem. That means partnering with museums, libraries, parks, activist groups, and cultural institutions to teach people how to contribute to relevant topic areas on Wikipedia and its sister projects like Wikidata or Wikimedia Commons,” says Ryan.

Since Ryan is a volunteer at Wikimedia, he says he’s able to enjoy what he does, which is why he does it. He says though, “If I could only pick one thing, it’s when I feel like the projects we work on provide a valuable service to the public in addition to the people and organizations involved.”


Chris Kingman of Chris Kingman Therapy

At his private practice, Chris helps couples develop a compassion-based understanding of their “self-defeating (sometimes toxic) patterns, and help them learn new ways of thinking, listening, behaving, communicating, etc.”

He says, “It is gratifying beyond words to see people unlearn the cyclical patterns of conflict/tension, while they cultivate new patterns of emotional safety, intimacy & connection. And to hear about how the improved overall vibe in the family positively impacts the kids is priceless.”


Emily Kingman of ICL


Emily is an administrative social worker at a non-profit organization that provides mental health treatment, housing, shelter, and outreach services throughout New York City. Emily’s role is to improve access, quality of care, and to design and implement services to address whole health.

“Everyday is different—I like to mix it up,” says Emily. “My job is about relationships—I like getting to know people and sharing a commitment to public health and social justice. I’m most fulfilled when it’s clear that we have made a difference in people’s lives and in the communities we serve.”


Arda Bulak of Surya

Arda is the head of the marketing team for Surya, a leading manufacturer of rugs and decorative accessories based in Georgia. “When I’m not caught up directing photoshoots, managing catalog production, or writing taglines for ads, you can usually find me neck-deep in Python code trying to discover some big data insight or optimization,” he says.

“I love that I get to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment with a great team, and that my scope of work allows me to be part data scientist and part Don Draper. Ultimately, I greatly appreciate how interior design relates to the way people can express themselves and that our products help people find comfort in their everyday life,” says Arda.


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