Featured Artist

BCL Featured Artist: Deb Klein—Capturing the Unplanned in the Everyday

Just a Moment, is BCL’s latest art installation on the third floor cafe by Deb Klein, a former, long-term BCL member and New York City based photographer. Learn more.

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Featured BCL Artist: Nathalie Jolivert’s Carnet de Voyages — A Visual Story of the Haitian Diaspora

Carnet de Voyages is BCL’s latest art installation, which can be found all throughout the third floor, by Brooklyn-based Haitian artist and designer, Nathalie Jolivert. Nathalie is a BCL member, currently working at TOLA Architecture.

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An Interview with Robert Arnow: Current Artist on Display at BCL

BCL features pieces from local artists in the third floor gallery.  BCL’s newest installation features “Reclaim” by Brooklyn Native, Rob Arnow. This current series of oil paintings takes a look at the damage humanity is doing to it’s environment, while tempting us with images of the aesthetically pleasing aftermath.

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