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From FinTech to Podcasters: Meet the New Members in Our Coworking Community

Summer is in full swing here at our coworking offices in Gowanus, Brooklyn, and we’re so pleased to be seeing you all again. We’re thankful not only for current members who’ve been holding it down throughout the pandemic, but also grateful to have so many new members join over the past few months! As we […]

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Member Expertise: Lynn Gaffney Architect on the Benefits of Cohousing Communities

Lynn Gaffney is one of several architects who work out of Brooklyn Creative League. With over 25 years of experience, Lynn and her practice have worked on a variety of projects. But her latest interest lies in designing and developing cohousing, a form of social housing that has gained popularity in the United States over […]

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Member Expertise: Gabo Arora Explains How Virtual Reality Can be an Effective Storytelling Tool

Over the years, Brooklyn Creative League has been home to scores of film makers, editors, screenwriters, documentarians, and video production companies. As new technologies evolve, many of our members are using new technologies to create immersive multimedia experiences that engage audiences in powerful new ways. BCL member Gabo Arora is an award-winning filmmaker, creative technologist […]

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6 Gyms Within Walking Distance of Brooklyn Creative League

We compiled a short list of gyms, studios, and facilities within a short walking distance from BCL. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it be yoga, cross-fit, or a gym where you can pump iron in peace, you can find a spot for this activity in Gowanus or Park Slope.

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