New to Coworking? Choose the Best Membership for Your Work Style

Over the last two years, many of us have discovered the benefits of flexible working arrangements. In fact, according to Gartner, “by 2022, 25% of the global knowledge workforce will choose their home as the primary workplace, and 45% of the workforce will be working from home two to three days per week.”

Still, you may find it distracting to work with chores calling your name or sharing space with your partner or family.

Coworking to the Rescue

Coworking spaces that are conveniently located can be a great alternative to working from home. Not only do you get the benefit of office services, such as mail, copies, printing, shredding, etc. you also get the benefit of networking with other professionals. As you’re considering your coworking options, you may notice a range of terms used for memberships from part-time and full-time memberships, shared spaces, private offices—what should you know to select the right option for your work style?

Below, we’ve listed some membership offerings and how they’d be beneficial to you depending on your work style. If you’re interested in booking a tour to learn more about our office located in Clinton Hill at 275 Park Avenue, go ahead and check out this page.

Want a Personalized Space? Choose a Dedicated Desk

Semi-Private Carrel Desks available for Dedicated and Flex Memberships

Want to have a place to set up shop and visit on a consistent basis? A dedicated desk membership (sometimes called full-time memberships) is best for professionals who want to have their work stations ready to go. Whether you come in twice a week or five days a week, the benefit of a dedicated desk is a space you can customize and also store your work supplies (books, screens, equipment) at the office—away from home. With a dedicated, semi-private desk, you’ll have a space to call your own. You can decorate your area, leave your belongings, and have 24/7 access to your desk. At BCL, our dedicated desks have five-foot walls, giving them visual and audio separation. We also offer 1-2-person desks, making it a good option for small teams.

Want More Freedom, More Options? Choose a Flex Membership

Flex memberships (also called part-time memberships) allow you to come in for just a few days or hours a month. Whether you’re a freelancer who only needs an office/meeting rooms occasionally or you want to manage costs (corporate stipend, grad student looking for quiet study space), flex memberships give you the benefit of desk/meeting room space when you want.

We offer Flex desk options with unlimited hours, 80 hours a month, and 40 hours a month. While some coworking spaces have self-serve cafe seating only, BCL’s Flex memberships allow you to reserve your space for the hours you need, so you know it’s waiting for you. The best part about these options is that you still can reserve meeting rooms, have access to print and mail service, and utilize locker space (extra fee) for your personal belongings.

Want a Private Space, Furnished for Your Needs? Choose a Private Office

Private offices are furnished to spec

Need a specific office layout? Are you on calls a lot of the day? Do you have a small team that you’d like to accommodate? Whatever your reason, a private office is the most flexible membership option, with the ability to accommodate large teams or unique layouts.

Individual/Duo Offices

Our Individual/Duo offices are for 1-2 people furnished to spec, with locking doors. The office provides more privacy and can be useful for those of you who spend more time on the phone.

Larger Offices: For Teams of 3-13+

More than two people? BCL offers private offices for teams of up to a dozen people (or more with multiple offices). You can even take on closed rooms for private meeting rooms for your team, and as your team grows, you can add on dedicated desks (or flex memberships) to help accommodate your growing team.

Want Mail Services and Occasional Meeting Room Usage? Choose a Virtual Membership

If you’re loving the work from home life but would like an official professional address for mail services, we’ve got something for you too! Our Virtual membership allows you to send and receive mail from our 275 Park Avenue address; you also have limited access to meeting rooms for the occasional client meeting or presentation.

This is also a great fit for individuals who live in the Chocolate Factory Lofts and want to come down to the office to get coffee, spend some time in the lounge, and network with members on a regular basis.

Looking for a new office space in the Clinton Hill/Brooklyn Navy Yard Area? Learn more about our new office space here—or shoot us an email: