From Tutors to Social Justice Activists: Meet New Members in Our Coworking Community

August in New York City is notoriously quiet, but we’re defying expectations here in Gowanus. With strict vaccination rules in place, BCL feels like an oasis of safety in a time of insecurity and ambiguity. We’ve got lots of members buzzing around the space—networking, getting reacquainted, and getting real work done.

There are also a lot of new faces. Based on the enthusiastic response we received on our last post, From FinTech to Podcasters: Meet the New Members in Our Coworking Community, we’re back to introduce another round of new members. Here are some new faces you’ll be seeing around the space. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Edward Antoine of Antoine Education

Edward of Antoine Education works as both a test prep tutor and organizer of test preparation classes. He typically spends his mornings emailing parents, talking to teachers and planning for classes. In the afternoon and on weekends, he works directly with the students that he’s personally prepping.

Edward says that,”Kids really enjoy—and are often pleasantly surprised—when they realize they can reach their score goals. I enjoy showing them how to do it.”


Hara Connell of Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives

Hara supports the Kolot Chayeinu synagogue by developing and implementing fundraising strategies whilst also helping to build relationships amongst community members. She meets with lay leaders and helps them come up with ways to engage the community and then enact those tactics.

Hara says, “I like how many people I get to meet with each week. I am helping to build an even stronger community and I love to know that I am a part of that.”


Justin Loiseau of GiveWell

Justin evaluates the cost-effectiveness of international development programs to help donors determine where their buck can have the most bang. In practical terms, this means reviewing academic papers, modeling effects, and speaking with folks who would implement these programs to understand feasibility, contextualization, etc.

Justin says, “I enjoy the rigor of my work, but I also appreciate that GiveWell is willing to make calculated guesses to ensure it can focus its efforts on relatively underfunded cost-effective programs.”


Catherine Vaughan

Catherine is a freelance consultant who works on issues related to democracy, voting rights, and social justice. Her clients are primarily philanthropies and family offices. Catherine also serves on boards and volunteers with nonprofits and start-ups working in Democratic politics, criminal justice reform, and social/emotional learning. Prior to this work, she founded a pro-democracy organization called Flippable and, after merging with Swing Left, served as the Co-Executive Director of Swing Left during the 2020 Presidential cycle.

“In my spare time, I’m working on a book about how the social sector is evolving from a more individualistic, neoliberal frame to one that acknowledges the need for collective action and structural interventions,” says Catherine.

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