Home Maid NYC: A Black-Owned Cleaning Company Committed to Quality & Service

As a part of BCL’s mission to foster “community capitalism,” we are committed to supporting locally owned small businesses. So we were delighted to find Home Maid NYC, a Black-owned, cleaning company based here in Brooklyn. Founded and run by the husband and wife team of Anthony and Alexis Davis, Home Maid NYC offers top-notch green cleaning services at affordable rates. Since the Home Maid NYC team began working in our offices in September, we’ve been deeply impressed with the family-run businesses’ commitment to quality and service—a rarity in the cutthroat janitorial industry. We talked to Alexis and Anthony about how they got their start, how they run their business, and where they want to go.



Owners Alexis and Anthony Davis

BCL: Tell us about your company’s origin story.

Anthony: I was working as a porter at a luxury building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and I just saw the need for affordable, high-quality green cleaning services. Everyone needs a clean home or a clean office. So we started the company in November 2017, and we’ve been growing steadily ever since.

BCL: This is a very competitive industry, so I was wondering: What do you see as your competitive advantage?

Alexis: Our ability to combine luxury service and a personal touch. We want to make sure that when we clean any facility whether it’s someone’s home or a company office that we’re giving them the same kind of experience that we would want in our own home. That personal commitment is what differentiates us and separates us from the other companies. We want our clients to walk through the door and be like, “Oh, yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.” We want clients to see the difference we’ve made. So we focus on the details: making sure the counters are spotless, that things are put back the way we found them—or better than we found them, actually.

BCL: From a customer perspective, I can tell you that we notice. I love that when I come in after you’ve been here, I can always tell. It’s the little things: The kitchen appliances are all wiped down and tucked away neatly. And the trash cans are all lined up at the desks. That tidiness makes a big difference in the overall feeling of calm and order we want to convey to our customers. I appreciate that you guys really get that.

So here’s a question: How do you train your team members to maintain those standards of quality?

Anthony: It all started with our upbringing, our background with our families. Our parents were very big on cleanliness, and they taught everyone—men and women—how to clean properly. They didn’t want guys depending on the women in their lives to do the cleaning for them. So when you combine that family background with my experience in luxury buildings—that’s where we get that extra special touch that we bring to all our clients’ spaces.

BCL: What about price? How are you able to offer quality services at such a reasonable price?

Alexis: I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we are a family-run business. We share that background of knowing how to do things right, and that we’re all committed to giving great service.

BCL: What do you wish your clients knew about your company that they don’t know already?

Alexis: That we’re here to support our customers in their businesses. We want to make sure that you know that our work reflects on your business. We want your customers to feel that the space is clean, welcoming, and safe—especially in this pandemic environment. We want to be that support system for you.

BCL: I’m glad you brought up COVID. Can you say a little more about your certification in treating for the coronavirus?

Alexis: When the virus first started to appear back in January and February, I wanted to understand more about how this virus was going to affect our clients. So I took an online course through Johns Hopkins to get certified in COVID cleaning and safety. So I’m confident in our team’s ability to create a safe environment for our clients.

BCL: Great! Is there anything else you want to share? Anything I didn’t ask you about but should have?

Anthony: Yes. We want people to know that we do more than cleaning. We can handle all manner of facilities management: painting, carpet cleaning, maintenance. We want to be a one-stop-shop for all your commercial and residential cleaning and maintenance needs.

Members, have you noticed the changes in the cleaning services? Leave us a comment to share your thoughts!