Explore These Local Gems in the Brooklyn Navy Yard Neighborhood

We recently moved offices to a new Clinton Hill location in The Chocolate Factory Lofts at 275 Park Avenue, and have had the pleasure of working with Danelle Davis, the leasing agent of the building. We recently sat down with Danelle to learn more about the historical Wallabout neighborhood, which we shared in this previous post. Now, we’re highlighting some local spots to enjoy in the Brooklyn Navy Yard neighborhood.

Danelle has been a proud Brooklynite for nearly 20 years and has seen first-hand the boom of vitality in the neighborhoods she has lived and thrived in for two decades, having spent many years as a property manager and real estate agent. She is now a resident of the historic Wallabout District, so she knows quite a bit about this wonderful borough.

BCL’s new home is in The Chocolate Factory Lofts. This is such a big building with both residential and commercial residents. What other businesses are here?  

Danelle: Well, Body by Brooklyn is the tenant with the longest tenure. It’s a 10,000 square foot spa and wet lounge that has a hot tub, a cold plunge, saunas, steam room, bar service, massages, and all sorts of body and facial treatments. That’s been here for quite a long time now. Le Petit Monstre, a French vegan bakery owned by Clementine Bakery, is located along on the Washington Avenue side of the building. That’s definitely the most exciting addition for me because the pastries and food are magnificent and everybody that works there is so sweet. 

Danelle shares some of her favorite destinations in the Clinton Hill and Brooklyn Navy Yard Neighborhood

The Naval Cemetery Landscape

This unique nature-focused landscape is located around the corner from Flushing Avenue on Williamsburg Street, which is on the Brooklyn Greenway bike path. The land is actually part of Steiner Studios’ property which is annexed to the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative.The entire garden has an elevated boardwalk, so as you walk around you’re never actually laying feet on the ground. You’re not disturbing the sacred space or indigenous plant life in any way.

Danelle tells us that there’s a garden with beautiful stones and giant moorings that you can sit on and reflect. There’s also a Nature Sacred Bench that has a little journal tucked underneath that anyone can write in. You can sit there and write haikus or do sketches or just write about your day. It’s a lovely space to enjoy nature and reflect. They sometimes have sundown yoga classes sound bath events, story hour and educational tours. There was also a wonderful art installation by Aaron Asis last year.


The Food Court at Building 77

Danelle shares that at the food court, you can get some fresh bagels and lox at Russ & Daughters or grab a pie at Pizza Yard. At Transmitter Brewing Company, you can get a beer and sit outside with your lunch or your dinner and watch the sun going down.

King’s County Distillery

Danelle really loves King’s County Distillery, stating that “they have a gorgeous tasting room and you can also sit outside.” The Distillery is located at the corner of the Navy Street and Sands Street entrance.

Rooftop Reds

Just past King’s County Distillery via the Sands Street entrance, is Rooftop Reds, Brooklyn’s own rooftop vineyard. Danelle tells us that they make lovely wine, and you can go up to the roof to have a glass while watching the sunset. This cool spot also has movie nights on the roof so you can get pizza and popcorn with your wine while watching a movie with the whole Manhattan skyline in front of you.


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When speaking with Danelle, she also mentioned that there’s a group of folks who contribute to volunteer in a monthly cleanup group under the BQE. She mentioned that some local businesses have supported the cleanup by providing refreshments to the group – naming Transmitter Brewing Company, Il Porto, and Joe and Sal’s Pizza as some of the companies who have supported. It just goes to show that many local businesses really develop ties with their neighborhood, and it’s important that we continue to patronize these companies as they truly help sustain the community. 

We’re excited to be a part of this flourishing section of Brooklyn, and look forward to getting to know our neighbors better and giving back as well!