FAQ page

Coworking Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you called Brooklyn Creative League?

Brooklyn because it’s where we live and work and who we are. Creative because we approach our lives and careers with a spirit of adventure, fun, and imagination. League because we’re members of a community grounded in trust, goodwill, and mutual benefit.

Who are the members of Brooklyn Creative League? 

Members join BCL because they value creativity, community, and mutual benefit. Members treat each other with kindness, respect, and thoughtful courtesy. People are generous with knowledge, resources, and social capital. We’ve got all types of personalities and professions, but we all do our best to be kind, thoughtful, and fun. If you look at our membership compact and think, “Hell, yes! These are the kind of people I want to spend my days with,” you’ll fit right in here. 

What types of business professionals are at BCL? 

BCL members are an interesting and diverse group, from New York Times bestselling authors to a balloon artist who performed at the White House. The biggest “industry clusters” are Design & Technology; Film/TV/Digital Media; Writers & Literary Agents; Professional Services (Architects, Engineers, Attorneys); Nonprofits; and Consultants.  

What’s the design vibe?

Warm, welcoming, professional, and functional. Our space just feels *good* to be in–and it functions even better! Our common areas are bright, open, and airy, while our offices and work areas are designed for maximum privacy and elbow room. We’re also sticklers for the little things–like acoustics, air quality, and traffic flow–that make a big difference in the quality of members’ experience.

What makes you different from other coworking spaces?

As a mission-driven company, our primary goal is to support the members of the BCL community. Our vibe is genuine and warm, grounded in human relationships and day-to-day interactions among members and staff. BCL’s co-founders are on-site every day, making sure our members have everything they need, and immediately addressing any issues that pop up. Our all-inclusive pricing delivers the best value in the business–transparent, predictable, and fair.

I want to share an office or desk with someone. Is that possible?

Absolutely! If you have someone in mind, you’re welcome to share a dedicated desk or office. (Flex Desk memberships are for one individual member.) We are also happy to broker desk and office shares, but, unlike our competitors, we don’t cram strangers together in the same office, unless everyone consents..

What kind of Internet do you have? 

Rock-solid internet is the cornerstone of our business. We have 1 gigabit fiber internet, and we run it over Meraki enterprise networking equipment, which allows us to prioritize voice and video traffic so your calls and video conferences are crisp and smooth, with great quality-of-service. If you need a VPN, we can set one up, and we are always happy to work with your company’s IT department to make sure your remote work is seamless. 

How do you handle mail, packages, and deliveries?

One of the great benefits of BCL is our package and mail services. Use us as your mailing address and stop worrying about packages left on your stoop. Pack, ship, and send your holiday presents from our mail station–with all the boxes, tape, and postage supplies you need. We don’t charge for incoming mail service, and all outgoing packages are billed at-cost if you use our shipping account. BCL is the ideal option for anyone needing a business address for their professional license. 

What about calls and zoom meetings? 

We’ve got ample resources for calls, all of which are free to use. No extra charges or credits to keep track of. Bottom line: Do what you need to do to get your work done, but be considerate of your neighbors. Members are welcome to take calls at their desks as long as calls are quiet and relatively brief. If your call is going to be loud, long, or contentious, we ask that you book one of our phone booths or meeting rooms. More questions? Check out our phone guidelines

How do I book a meeting room? 

We make it dead simple for members to book a meeting room or phone booth. Members can reserve online, via the scheduling tablet outside each room, or by emailing a member of Team BCL.