6 Retail and Service Resources for Small Business Owners in Clinton Hill

Small business owners know that there are quite a few essentials that you always need to have near your office. As we prepare to set-up shop in our new Clinton Hill location in the coming year, we’ve put together a list of resources for the small businesses in our community, from shipping and supplies to IT and urgent care. Here are just a few of the key resources nearby.


Sandbox Pack and Ship

417 Myrtle Ave
Google says: appx 8 min walk

With a range of packing, shipping, and printing services, Sandbox Pack and Ship promises to be your go-to spot for communication needs. Their dedicated team of professionally trained experts will help you save time and money by ensuring you get the right products and services for the best price, during your visit. What’s great is that they can ship almost anything to almost anywhere you need!


Blick Art Materials

536 Myrtle Ave
Google says: appx 10 min walk

If you’re a business owner, there comes a time where you might need supplies like markers, colored pens and paper, and maybe even some nice notebooks? Perhaps you’re prepping for a presentation or a vendor pop-up and need some art supplies. Blick Art Materials on Myrtle has a range of options for you to select from when in need of creative materials for your business.


EGT Networks, INC

147 Prince Street
Google says: appx 22 min walk

Sometimes, as an entrepreneur you may have tech issues and need some IT help. If you don’t have your own team to handle these difficulties, you may want to seek out help from Harold and his team over at EGT Networks. They can do hardware replacement, IT managed services, and much more. 


United States Postal Service

609 Myrtle Ave Ste A
Google says: appx 13 min walk

Of course, at BCL we offer shipping services, but in the event you need to go to the post office, luckily there’s one about a 15-minute walk away.


The Brooklyn Press

54 Franklin Ave #1
Google says: appx 13 min walk

Need screen-printing services? The Brooklyn Press offers custom and contract screen printed apparel and accessories, private label baseball cap and beanie manufacturing, and more! They’ve worked with some pretty recognizable brands including Nike, Afro Punk, and the Brooklyn Museum.


MedRite Urgent Care Clinton Hill

504 Myrtle Ave
Google says: appx 9 min walk

As business owners, you may get hit with a medical need that requires immediate attention, and trying to make an appointment with your doctor means a long wait. Thankfully, there’s access to walk-in clinics like this Clinton Hill MedRite, which also offers COVID-19 testing services and is within a 10-minute walk from the office.


Do you know of any other businesses in the neighborhood that would be good to add to the list? Let us know in the comments or shoot us an email at info@brooklyncreativeleague.com.