Tips and Tools to Help You Work From Home: 3 Resource Guides

Due to coronavirus, the ways in which we live and work have changed drastically. While we have made adjustments to the way we are staffed and how we operate the space (members, please check your email updates for details), Brooklyn Creative League is still open to help you run your business!

Some members are still working in the office, while practicing good distancing and hygiene. And we’re here to support you with your printing, mailing, etc. If you need support with anything during this time, please reach out to Neil or Erin.

Given the social distancing mandate, we have also encouraged you all to work from home to slow the spread of the virus, and we’re so thankful to see our community come together and do what’s safe.

As most of you who typically come to the office have been working from home, we have rounded up three helpful articles with resources for the various aspects of working from home. Have your own suggestions for members? Please add them in the comments!

Productivity Tips

Hubspot: How to Work From Home: 20 Tips From People Who Do It Successfully:

Martech company Hubspot shares some insightful tips to help you navigate working from home. Suggestions include: structuring your day like you’re at the office and adjusting your meeting schedule for productivity.

Tool Recommendations for Remote Work

ZDNet: Work From Home 101: Every Remote Worker’s Guide to the Essential Tools for Telecommuting

On the logistical/technical front, tech publication ZDNet shares some tools that are helpful for items like file transfers, Slack alternatives, video chat tools, project management, and more. This is a pretty robust article with a lot of information. Who knows, you may find some tools that may help your business benefit in the long term.

Maintaining Peace of Mind

Groove HQ: 14 Ways Our Remote Team Stays Sane Working From Home

While you’re working under unusual circumstances, it’s important also not to burn yourself out. It can feel difficult to separate your work and home lives, while in such close proximity to your work computer. So don’t forget to get some fresh air, sleep well, go for a walk and keep your body moving. In this article, customer service platform Groove HQ shares tips for self-care when working from home.

Let us know. How have you (and your team) been navigating working from home?