Working While Traveling? Stop By a LExC Coworking Space and Get Comfortable

Are you hitting the road for a few weeks on business? Need a place to land to do a few hours of work while on vacation? Skip the coffee shop and the hotel business center, and head over to one of the 84 coworking spaces that Brooklyn Creative League partners with via the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LExC).

LExC is a unique network of independently owned coworking spaces with common standards of excellence. With locations in 57 cities worldwide, LExC spaces are where quality, accessibility, and passion meet. Like BCL, LExC spaces foster communities that value connection and innovation. Most importantly, LExC spaces form the world’s first reliable, seamless network of coworking spaces—the ultimate coworking experience.

Access a Coworking Space in Another State via the LExC Network

Because BCL is a member of LExC, BCL members have free access to other spaces throughout the network. So if you’re a member of one of the LExC coworking spaces, consider yourself a member of them all. All members at LeXC spaces are entitled to free, full-day coworking passes at any of the other LExC locations, up to 5 times per space, per year.

If you’re traveling to Boston, pop into one of Workbar’s nine locations. Headed to Dallas? Check out Common Desk or 25 North. Los Angeles? Head over to BlankSpaces or Centrl Office.

BCL Member Joe Mefford, spent a week working from CoCo (now Fueled Collective), a coworking space in the landmark Grain Exchange building in downtown Minneapolis. “It was definitely a benefit because I didn’t have to seek out (or pay) for a partner space. I walked in; told them I was a BCL member; and the rest was easy. My only advice is to seek out a LExC space if you happen to be traveling to one of these towns. It’s a great benefit and makes work travel much easier.”

Switch Up Your Environment

While BCL is the only LExC location in Brooklyn, our friends at The Farm SOHO have three locations that are great for touching down between meetings in Manhattan. This past year, BCL member Smita Vadakekalam worked at both The Farm and Grind (now closed), in Soho and Herald Square. “I sometimes have meetings in Manhattan so it’s wonderful to have a space close by instead of wasting more time commuting back to Brooklyn. It saved me a lot of time and energy. It’s also great to change up your environment. A day pass at one of these places is usually $40 or more so this is a wonderful benefit to have.”

Want to take advantage of your reciprocal privileges at another LExC location? Contact someone on Team BCL, and we’ll give you our Liquidspace discount code and/or access to reserving your day at any of LeXC’s global destinations.

Happy coworking, y’all!