Why I Upgraded to a Full-Time Desk | By Zontee Hou

I started my digital marketing agency at my kitchen table in 2013. But like you, I’ve loved being a part of the Brooklyn Creative League community since I joined. It’s been a welcome change from working from home (where the pull of last night’s dishes often distracted me from emails that needed answers), and since becoming a member in 2014, it’s been a place where I’ve made friends, found business partners, and connected with clients (BCL is a current Media Volery client).

As a Flex member, I loved having access to the community, to meeting space for my clients, and to having a carrel desk to put my head down and work whenever I needed to.

Making the Change to Full-Time

But a few years ago, I made the jump from a Flex membership to a Full-Time desk membership to give myself a dedicated space for all of my documents and equipment (hello, second monitor!). Plus it gave me the luxury of being able to walk out of the doors at 540 President and leaving my work behind me for the night (or the weekend), instead of packing it up and taking it back to my kitchen table.

That’s been one of the unexpected boons of having a dedicated office: my work life and home life both have more room to thrive.

Room to Grow My Business

Later, I made the jump from a 6-foot to an 8-foot desk, so that I could add a full-time team member, and we’ve added additional Flex memberships for the company since. That’s been another advantage of BCL: we’ve been able to grow as we’ve changed.

A Special Limited Time Offer for Current Members

This summer (through August 31), Brooklyn Creative League is making it easy to upgrade! BCL is waving BOTH the security deposit and annual membership fee (up to a $750 value) when you upgrade from a Flex membership to a Full-Time membership. Email or speak to Neil and Erin to learn more and get started on your membership upgrade.

Take a look at available 6-foot desks for a space of your own! Or consider upgrading to an 8-foot desk, so you have more space for a colleague or even a spouse/partner! Several BCLers share their workspace with their partners, so both have dedicated office space. We at Media Volery have truly benefited from our dedicated space at BCL, and I know you will too.

Check Out Available Options

Contact Neil and Erin to learn more about available desks that’ll best suit your needs.