Celebrate Brooklyn! 2017: Alice Smith & Musiq Soulchild

by Brittany Bellinger

You know that it’s summer here at the Brooklyn Creative League when the Bric Celebrate Brooklyn festival draft is announced. We are a proud sponsor of this program. Last year was my first time attending Celebrate Brooklyn with tickets from BCL and having access to the Friends tent. It was an incredible experience to enjoy Tame Impala in such close proximity. Choosing the right show(s) can be overwhelming since there are so many to choose from. You may not know many of the artists and fear that you are missing out on some great shows. I am here to highlight some of the artists you’re familiar with and help to guide you to some new artists to check out.

source: https://www.bricartsmedia.org/events-performances/bric-celebrate-brooklyn-festival/alice-smith-bilal-kris-bowers

source: https://www.bricartsmedia.org/events-performances/bric-celebrate-brooklyn-festival/alice-smith-bilal-kris-bowers

Saturday, June 10th @ 7 P.M. 

Alice Smith/ Bilal/ Bris Bowers

If you have never seen Alice Smith in concert then you are truly missing out. I have seen her perform in small venues earlier on in her career and I was blown away. She has an incredibly soulful voice and such range. If you are curious about her work then check out her two albums, For lovers, dreamers, & me and She. Her second album blows the first one out of the water. My personal favorites from that album are Be Easy or her cover of Fool for You.

I have never seen Bilal in concert but I am such a fan of his. He is neo soul at its finest. His voice is a smooth velvet and will have you swaying in the breeze at Prospect park when he sings. Bilal appeared on to the music scene in the late 90’s and has exhibited the kind of staying power that you don’t see in many artists. If you’re wondering if you’ve heard his music before then take a listen to the track Soul Sista. If that still doesn’t convince you then just know that even Prince loved his music. Enough said.

Kris Bowers is the newest name on this lineup to me. I have listened to some of his music which is very mellow jazz. Bowers is a pianist highly influenced by soul and hip hop music. He also has been on various musical scores. This addition to the show lets me know that this is a concert to bring a date to. You will need someone to vibe out to the smooth tunes.

source: https://www.bricartsmedia.org/events-performances/bric-celebrate-brooklyn-festival/musiq-soulchild-peoples-champs

source: https://www.bricartsmedia.org/events-performances/bric-celebrate-brooklyn-festival/musiq-soulchild-peoples-champs

Friday, July 7th @ 7:30 PM

Musiq Soulchild/ People’s Champs

Musiq Soulchild has been crooning the world with his soulful voice for nearly 17 years. When the song Love hit the airwaves it solidified his place in neo soul. Musiq’s discography became the backdrop of love from that era. If you want to know what to expect then check out the songs Just Friends, teachme, and the aforementioned Love. This rare performance will surely have you thinking of the one you love before it’s over. I am excited to experience both the nostalgia and freshness that I am sure to encounter during such a set. This is the perfect show to bring a blanket to and sit under the stars with the one you adore while Musiq sets the tone.

People’s Champs are the perfect example of Brooklyn creativity. Their music crosses seamlessly through genres to create a unique sound. After touring the underground venues of NYC throughout the past few years their debut album American Dreamers has finally arrived. Listen to their first single Hostages from the project to get a sense of their unique sound. You can hear a bit of retro soul, afrobeat, and more through the music. The contemporary lyrics bring the current times to the forefront while simultaneously taking you through time travel. I am excited to hear what this band sounds like live especially the horns.

I will be back with even more highlights as the season progresses. Make sure that you check out any of the amazing shows at Celebrate Brooklyn. Don’t be afraid to let me know on any of our social media if you check out any of the musicians that were highlighted.