Podcast Junkie: Critics in Coatcheck

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Critics in Coatcheck

by Brittany Bellinger

Guess who’s back? I took a little hiatus to gather some new and exciting content for you, but I am back. Since the last time we’ve caught up, podcasts have soared as a new way to disseminate information and create community. It seems like everyone has a podcast. The good news is, I am here to help you get to the good ones.

Nearly two weeks ago, The Critics in Coatcheck podcast launched on Soundcloud with three episodes to digest. Whether you’re a frequent museum goer or someone who enjoys culturally relevant dialogue this would be the perfect thing to listen to. The Critics are our hosts, Zenzele Johnson, Mirland Terlonge, and Rockyatu Otoo who thematically dissect the ideas that art can provoke and the art world at large. Every week they hang their coats at different galleries or exhibits around NYC and break down for you, their experiences.

Each episode centers on a theme that acts like an artist statement for entry into the conversation. I particularly loved episode two which centers on the way that Black women’s bodies are often used in art. Coupled with in-depth analysis and thought-provoking ideas, The Critics in Coatcheck challenge you as the listener to engage with art more critically. Zenzele, Mirland, and Rockyatu want you to question what is before you on the gallery wall by dismantling the perception that the artist and curator know best. This is perfect Sunday afternoon listening and that’s when you can tune in for the latest episode!

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/cicpod

Best episode to start with: Episode 2: Shether + Subjectivity