Better Than Coffee: 30 Second Workout

May is Spring Into Fitness Month here at BCL! We are major proponents of the work/life balance and believe that a healthier you leads to being more focused and more productive in the workplace. We all know that coffee isn’t great for you, but every day around 2 PM we find ourselves reaching for that pot to get through our afternoon slump. All this month, we’ll be posting healthy alternatives to your 2 PM coffee pick-me-up. Why don’t you give this a try? 

by Jenni Walkowiak

30 Second Workout

This coffee alternative might be my favorite, but might also prove to be the hardest to maintain. Working in a coworking space doesn’t quite lend itself to even 30 seconds of intense exercise, but by golly I am going to try! 

I recently read an article on daily beast about a man who conducted tests to see whether a short burst of intense exercise or coffee gave him more mental clarity/an energy boost. Surprise, surprise, exercise did it better! His favorite moves were burpees and mountain climbers. Find a quiet corner and dive in next time you feel the urge to pour another cuppa. You only need to work out for 30 seconds to feel the effects!

Further studies show that this method works best for people who already exercise often. If you’re more sedentary, you might want to stick to tea.