Dear Former DNAinfo + Gothamist Employees

Dear former DNAinfo and Gothamist employees: Brooklyn Creative League has got your back. Get free space for a month (details below).

Like many New Yorkers, we here at BCL were disappointed to learn that the owner of DNAinfo and Gothamist abruptly closed both media properties after employees voted to unionize. As a former labor organizer, I strongly support the right of workers to organize. And as a current business owner, I can tell you that workers who are paid decently and treated with dignity and respect rarely form unions. So, Mr. Ricketts, if you want to keep your workers from organizing, I suggest treating them right.

For those former employees, we’d like to offer you a month of free coworking space here at BCL. Space is limited and we can’t do free forever, but the kind of local reporting y’all did was vitally important, and, if we can help recreate that role in one form or another, we’re glad to help.

Please sign up here:
Note that you are a former DNAinfo or Gothamist employee, and we’ll get you sorted out.

Good luck!

Neil Carlson
BCL Co-Founder and CEO