Podcast Junkie: Black Girl in OM

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Being a creative entrepreneur doesn’t come with a guidebook. Ensuring success for yourself is not as easy as getting an MBA anymore. We have moved into the realm of ideas. Where personal branding and aligning your pursuits with your outcomes has become essential. While embarking on my own journey of trying to launch a few projects and businesses I hit some roadblocks. The hardest thing was trying to get myself out of it. When you do something that has never been done (or at least not in the same way you are doing it), it’s impossible to get advice from others.

I did not know that I would find the guidance I was looking for hidden within an episode of one of my new favorite podcasts. I listen to podcasts in the same way that I enjoy reading which is equally pleasurable and informative. I started diving into old episodes of Black Girl in OM. BGIO is a platform centered on the holistic wellness and beauty for Women of Color. There are so many ways to interact with this community whether it is through monthly twitter chats, reading articles in OM their online publication, joining the newly launched book club, or joining swarms of Black women in person at the Self Care Sundays sessions where you engage in yoga and community.

Based in Chicago, I discovered Black Girl in OM by discovering the social media of the founder, Lauren Ash, who is a creative entrepreneur in her own right. Ash is a Nike trainer, a yogi, a business owner several times over, and a collaborative creative partner in countless ventures. I was blown away to discover that BGIO also has a podcast! It took me no time to dive into past episodes where Lauren and BGIO Art Director, Deun Ivory, have conversations with other healers, creatives, yogis and uncover the lessons learned with each other.

Although, this platform was created for Women of Color I would like to highlight a particular episode of the Black Girl in OM podcast that is for any creative entrepreneur.

Five Challenges in Creative Entrepreneurship and How to Overcome Them

Episode 18: Black Girl in OM

If you want to learn how to prioritize your time or hone into your particular gifts or skills then you owe yourself to give this a listen. Take the tips from Lauren and Deun to become more efficient in your own ventures.