Colleen Newvine

I am a reporter turned MBA with a decade of public relations and marketing experience. I combine my passion for story telling with strategic communications perspective and a geeky fascination with the latest tools for reaching audiences. My eclectic background means I speak both editorial and business, left brain and right brain, qualitative and quantitative. I feel comfortable with a reporter's notebook in my hand and an Excel pivot table on my screen. I launched one of AP's most successful Twitter accounts, @APStylebook, which now has about 200,000 followers, and I'm knowledgeable about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest and probably a few I'm forgetting. My personal blog, Newvine Growing, focuses on living life better, with an emphasis on creativity, career and food and drink. I love to profile people who have taken risks to better align their personal and professional lives with their goals and ideals.