The Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study, Inc.

The Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study, Inc. is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting the study and appreciation of the classical humanities, with a focus on Latin and Ancient Greek languages and literature. The Institute was founded in 2010 by former students of the Vatican Latinist Fr. Reginald Foster, who taught generations of Latin students to love the Latin language and the city of Rome. 

Teachers & Writers Collaborative

Teachers & Writers Collaborative (T&W) seeks to educate the imagination by offering innovative creative writing programs for students and teachers, and by providing a variety of publications and resources to support learning through the literary arts. T&W programs include writing workshops for students, professional development for teachers and educators, managing the NYS Poetry Out Loud competition, and publishing Teachers & Writers Magazine and other resources about the teaching of creative writing. 

Seltzer Creative Group

Nine months of the year, all day long, we drink cup after cup of hot coffee so that we can think, draw, code and innovate for our extraordinary group of clients.

The other three months of the year we drink iced coffee.

Founded in 2003 by Thomas Seltzer, illustrator and art director, Seltzer Creative Group’s goal is to return “design” to its original meaning: a synonym for “plan.” We focus on problem solving. We help our clients hone their most marketable ideas, figure out the best way to communicate them, and then bring them into the world in the most memorable, beautiful, effective way we can. The key to this process is establishing a rapport with our clients. Many of them have been with us more than 5 years. Some have been with us since the beginning. We’d love you to join them.

Thomas Seltzer Founder and Creative Director
Olena Protsenko Graphic Designer, Web Designer

Jim Miller

Greetings fellow BCL members! If you need to sort out your financial life, or optimize it in some manner, I may be able to help. Unlike other financial professionals, I am not in the business of selling a product of any type. Instead as a fee only financial planner, you are paying for my time directly and will be advised on how to achieve your needs at a lower cost over the long run. This also means I am not in the business of managing assets, but instead helping you setup the structures that you need and providing you with the education to go forward with the plan that we generate together. The hope is to give you the confidence in your decisions and relieve the worry about these often unclear and confusing issues. Talking about money is hard for many people but it is a healthy thing to confront and understand. In that regard I offer an hour consultation for free to see if this makes sense for you and then an hourly fee for face time thereafter. I also offer a sixty day rolling return of fee if you are at all dissatisfied. Why? Because anything less than that is not worth your hard earned money. Or, since we are all in the same building you can come by and just chat about the world at large and finance in general at desk 30 on the first floor near the President Street windows or at the lunch on Wednesday for no cost at all. I am always happy to chat, just stop by.

Lisa Madison

Lisa Madison is a multi-media Impact Producer and Documentary Filmmaker. She grew up in rural New Mexico on a vineyard, but has made her home in the bustling city of New York. In 2009 Lisa began cultivating her skills at the intersection of online organizing and documentary filmmaking, developing grassroots distribution models for independent documentary films. In 2011, Lisa co-founded the production company StoryKeep, which records and preserves family memories and stories through film and audio documentaries. 
Lisa currently works as a consultant to filmmakers, non-profits and individuals, helping to maximize their online presence, build out-of-the-box film distribution platforms and command the attention of the audiences they desire. She is also co-directing and producing a feature documentary film on human trafficking The film features stories of three underage Vietnamese girls who are deceived, taken across international borders and sold into slavery. They struggle to escape and return home only to find the path back to their former lives, and healing, fraught with adversity.

Jamie Yuenger

Over the last fifteen years, Jamie has interviewed shoe cobblers, performance artists, Holocaust survivors, politicians and a whole host of other people worth listening to. StoryKeep was her brainchild after a life-changing experience documenting one man’s life story over ten interview sessions. Jamie earned her BA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied Scandinavian Studies, folklore and Women’s Studies. While in college, she worked as an assistant folklorist at the Wisconsin Arts Board where she conducted fieldwork with esteemed folks artists. In 2006, she moved to New York City and began editing radio and video documentaries for City Lore. In 2008, she studied radio at the Salt Institute in Portland, Maine, after which she was hired as an assistant producer at WNYC. Jamie was a founding co-host of the Brooklyn daily TV show, BK Live. She founded StoryKeep in 2011.

Gender Equality Law Center

Allegra Fishel Lauren Betters

Allegra Fishel Lauren Betters

The Gender Equality Law Center (“GELC”) is a nonprofit law and advocacy organization. GELC’s mission is to advance laws and policies that promote equality and fairness in all spheres of public and private life. We work to break down barriers created by gender-based discrimination and stereotyping through litigating impact cases, working toward legislative reforms, building coalitions, providing public and legal training, mentoring private and government attorneys, conducting community outreach and providing information about individual legal rights. Our work focuses on using law and policymaking to break down barriers that limit economic, social and creative opportunities for individuals because of overt bias or outdated stereotyping related to views about an individual’s gender, gender identity, gender expression and/or sexual orientation. Our work focuses on: (1) economic security and advancement of women; (2) empowerment and leadership development of girls and young women; (3) intimate partner violence and sexual assault; and (4) work-family balance.

Paolo Monico

I am an Italian-American filmmaker based in New York. In the past 20 years, I've been a character animator, a cartoonist, a storyboard artist, an assistant production designer, an assistant director, a director and a father. I’ve directed a TV movie and more than 150 commercials for clients like Coca-Cola, MTV, Honda, Playstation, Procter & Gamble, Volkswagen, Vodafone and many others. Some of my ads have been featured on Shots Magazine or shortlisted at the Cannes Advertising Film Festival. In 2014, I wrote, directed and produced my first short film, THE MOTHER, starring Mary Testa, Boris McGiver, Michele Hicks and Sylvia Kauders.

Colleen Newvine

I am a reporter turned MBA with a decade of public relations and marketing experience. I combine my passion for story telling with strategic communications perspective and a geeky fascination with the latest tools for reaching audiences. My eclectic background means I speak both editorial and business, left brain and right brain, qualitative and quantitative. I feel comfortable with a reporter's notebook in my hand and an Excel pivot table on my screen. I launched one of AP's most successful Twitter accounts, @APStylebook, which now has about 200,000 followers, and I'm knowledgeable about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest and probably a few I'm forgetting. My personal blog, Newvine Growing, focuses on living life better, with an emphasis on creativity, career and food and drink. I love to profile people who have taken risks to better align their personal and professional lives with their goals and ideals.

Ryan Rivard

Filmmaker, producer, editor originally from the Live Free or Die state. I'm the Associate Producer at Reel Works Productions, a production company that pairs youth filmmakers with professionals to create media for clients. We've produced projects for Hasbro, American Express, and the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, and original media including a feature film and two seasons of Reel Works TV show that airs on NYClife.  Aside from Reel Works, I work on my own personal films. My recent short film OkStupid comedically tackles the world of online dating. The project was funded on Indiegogo and premiered at the 2015 Coney Island Film Festival. I'm currently directing Working Title, a web series produced by Second Star NYC. The series follows a delinquent production team that is fired by a sadistic director of an indie film. Determined to prove themselves and out for revenge, they band together to create their own movie to compete in the Working Title Film Festival. I hold a B.A. in Radio/TV/Film from Marist College. I'm a member of Brooklyn Creative League. Even though I live in Queens. 

Christon Harris

As a New York City native, I’ve spent the last decade personally and professionally endeavoring to bolster and enrich the lives of young, disadvantaged people of color in urban areas. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching students, mentoring young men of color, and managing youth development programs across New York. Currently, I work as an implementation manager for Generation Schools Network, an organization dedicated to improving the effectiveness of schools by helping them to reorganizing resources like time, talent, and technology to provide a better framework for teaching and learning. I am also a writer and avid basketball fan (playing and watching)! 

Robin Edwards

Robin Deutsch Edwards is an operations-minded communications strategist dedicated to helping clients develop appropriate communications programs, materials and the internal capacity to support organizational growth and success. In 2012, Robin launched High Mileage Communications, to support the communications needs of early-stage nonprofit organizations, social entrepreneurs and small, mission-driven businesses. Before launching High Mileage Communications, Robin was a Vice President in Edelman’s Business + Social Purpose practice where she led a portfolio of global, corporate accounts. She helped pilot the agency’s nonprofit offerings and contributed to issue-driven thought leadership efforts including a 2009 white paper “Why Water?” which examined water scarcity issues and the implications for business. She also served as the operations manager for Edelman's New York Corporate & Public Affairs practice, the agency’s largest practice, and was responsible for staffing and professional development for the practice’s 175 employees and more than 200 clients. 

Rod Morrison

Clients rely on us to handle staging their meetings, design their presentations, and coach their speakers. Rod Morrison Marketing combines fresh thinking, sound strategy, and sophisticated production techniques to help you deliver your message, enhance your relationships, and win new business.

Areas of specialty:

  • Annual Meetings and Events
  • Pitches and Presentations
  • Marketing and Sales Support
  • Creative and Logistical Services:
  • PowerPoint
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Staging and Sets
  • Video
  • iPads for Events
  • Reviews of Annual Meetings and Presentations
  • Production Management


  • Private Equity Firms
  • Portfolio Companies
  • Public Companies
  • PR/IR and Ad Agencies

Erinn McGurn, AIA

Erinn McGurn.jpg

Erinn McGurn is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of SCALEAfrica, a non-profit organization directly addressing the growing need for access to education, responsible shelter, clean water, and sanitation by working within rural African communities that need design services the most. Through culturally-responsive, sustainable architecture and an active community participation model, SCALEAfrica leverages the power of design to increase access to education, boost local economies, and preserve the natural environment. Erinn is also a licensed architect and Owner/Principal of SCALEStudio in New York City. By balancing work with private clients and non-profit institutions on educational projects in East and Southern Africa, the studio actively works to transform traditional architectural practice by operating on a for-benefit model with social change and community-driven design as the primary focus. From 2003-10, Erinn headed the New York office of Robert Frear Architects and was responsible for the design and construction administration of high-end residential projects with budgets ranging from $1-10M usd. She also directed the financial and operational management of the office and its staff. She previously worked with Michael Goldman Architects of New York City on high-end residences and with Kallmann, McKinnell, & Wood Architects of Boston on large-scale civic and institutional projects. Erinn was a 2014 recipient of Architectural Record's inaugural Women In Architecture Award, honoring an architect who has used her skills to design for social change, effect the public realm or perform pro bono work. SCALEAfrica was also named to “The Good List” by Architectural Record as one of the best non-profits “building for social change" and the "Public Interest Design 100" for working at the intersection of design and service. Erinn has acted as panelist and lecturer at colleges and universities nationally, entreating students and colleagues to consider architecture as both a personal, creative act and one rooted in decision-making with a social conscience. She serves on the Board of Director’s of the Smith College Alumnae Association, the Advisory Board of the Smith College Center for the Environment, Ecological Design and Sustainability, and the STEM Advisory Board for Partnership for After School Education (PASE) in NYC. Erinn received a B.A. from Smith College where she majored in Architecture. She received her Master of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin in 1998.

Hosanna Fox

I am an independent consultant based in Brooklyn, New York with a background in humanitarian assistance. I work with organisations in both the public and private sector, primarily on projects relating to humanitarian access and negotiations. I can also assist with advocacy strategies and implementation, strategic communications and external representation. I have an academic background in International Affairs and Human Rights Law and have worked in Africa for the last five years and in the NGO sector for over twenty


We are an organization of U.S.-based AIDS and human rights activists, people living with HIV/AIDS, public health experts, fair trade advocates and concerned individuals who campaign against policies of neglect and avarice that deny treatment to millions and fuel the spread of HIV. We are dedicated to eliminating barriers to universal access to affordable life-sustaining medicines for people living with HIV/AIDS as key to a comprehensive strategy to confront and ultimately stop the AIDS pandemic. We believe that the human right to life and to health must prevail over the pharmaceutical industry's excessive profits and expanding patent rights.

Jamila Headly, Managing Director

Jamila Headly, Managing Director

Jamila is a longtime ally and former core member of Health GAP. Before joining our team, Jamila served as a Program Officer for the Accountability and Monitoring in Health Initiative and the Global Health Financing Initiative of the Public Health Program at Open Society Foundations (OSF). At OSF, she helped to lead the development of several new bodies of grant-making focused on strengthening civil society engagement in the development, implementation, and monitoring of national and donor governments’ health budgets. Jamila has a PhD in Public Health from Oxford University, where she studied as a Rhodes Scholar. She has written and conducted research on the development of national and regional responses to the HIV epidemic in Barbados and the Caribbean, the impact of trade agreements on health policy and access to medicines, and the role of North-South civil society partnerships in influencing the policies and priorities of large global health donors. Jamila is a 2006 recipient of the Vermont State Madeline Kunin Public Service Award for her commitment to social justice. Originally from the island of Barbados, Jamila is now based in Brooklyn, New York, where she manages Health GAP’s organizational and financial matters, while bringing her unique blend of knowledge and experience to key areas of our programmatic work.




Brittany Herrick, Program Coordinator

Brittany Herrick, Program Coordinator

Brittany is an emerging global health activist and recent graduate from New York University's Global Institute of Public Health. While completing her graduate studies, she served as a research assistant for an NIH-funded longitudinal study investigating behavioral risk factors for HIV as well as a National Preparedness intern for FEMA with the US Department of Homeland Security. Prior to joining Health GAP, she evaluated service-delivery models in community-based HIV/AIDS organizations in London, and collaborated with UNICEF to design a campaign aimed at improving polio vaccine procurement and distribution in Ukraine. She brings to the Health GAP team a broad knowledge of public health and a passion for social justice. In her role, she serves as critical organizational glue—working daily to ensure that our campaigns and programs are supported to achieve the greatest possible impact. Brittany holds a Master's in Public Health from New York University and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Health Science from California State University Fullerton, where she conducted research as a McNair Scholar. In addition to her duties at Health GAP, Brittany serves on the Young Adult Advisory Board for the New York State Department of Health's AIDS Institute, helping to develop implementation strategies to end the statewide epidemic.

Emily Sanderson, National Organizer, U.S. (Student Global Aids Compaign)

Emily Sanderson, National Organizer, U.S. (Student Global Aids Compaign)


Emily is a recent graduate of Saint Michael’s College Political Science Department with a minor in global studies. Before joining the Health GAP team, she was a senior coordinator and organizer with Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM), a student group striving for a better relationship between workers and students and promoting worker empowerment. She later became involved with Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC), where she further developed her skills as an organizer and formed a relationship with Health GAP. As the national organizer, she works closely with students, SGAC, Positive Youth Network (PYN), and other groups of people living with HIV/AIDS to create and maintain strong, working grassroots capacity across the country. She also serves on the Young Adult Advisory Board for the New York State Department's AIDS Institute, helping to design implementation strategies to end the statewide epidemic.


PATTY LYONS is a nationally recognized knitting teacher, designer and writer. She teaches nationally at guilds & knitting shows around the country and her popular classes can also be found online and on DVD at Interweave, Annie’s and Craftsy where her “Improve Your Knitting Class” was named Craftsy’s most popular class of 2013! Patty designs and knitting skill articles have been published in Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, Knit Purl, Knitter’s Magazine, Cast On, Knit Style, and Creative Knitting magazines, where she also writes a knitter’s advice column called “Patty’s Purls of Wisdom.” Patty’s designs have also been included in pattern collections from Classic Elite, Noro, Cascade, Tahki Stacy Charles and Kollage Yarns.