Coworking for Apartment-Dwellers

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“[My friend, a BCL member] went away for a month and she offered me her desk to sublease it. And well before the month was out, I knew I never wanted to leave. And that if I was going to be a writer with kids—and I was—I was going to do it because I had a desk at BCL.”

—Emily Bass
Writer & Author

Need a Home Office, But Don’t Have the Space?

Sometimes, your home office just doesn’t cut it. This can be true, especially if you live with a significant other or roommate and spend a lot of time taking calls.
Given Brooklyn’s competitive real estate market, finding an apartment with enough space to accommodate both your personal life and your work needs may prove to be challenging. That’s why coworking is a great option for today’s professionals. Affordable and monthly contracts make it easy for you to access a coworking space close to home.


With our Clinton Hill office located at 275 Park Avenue, you can enjoy the benefits of leaving the house to get some fresh air, while heading to an office where you have space and quiet to get some focused work done.

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Why Choose Coworking?

  • Our office is conveniently located in your neighborhood! Walk, bike, or bus to our 275 Park Avenue location.
  • Have space for work that’s just around the corner from your other responsibilities. Step away to run errands or run out when it’s time to pick up the kids from school.
  • Need more privacy from your partner, kids, or pets for work calls and professional presentations? We have private phone booths, conference rooms, and lounge space where you can take work calls and not worry about intruding on someone else’s call. Bonus benefits: share a desk or office with your partner at BCL! Alternate days in the office so each of you can enjoy time for focused work. Or each get a flex membership, so you can book desks when you each need them!
  • Take advantage of nontraditional hours. Night owls and weekend warriors can find solace knowing there’s a space for them to work outside of the traditional 9-5 timeframe. (Available for memberships at the Flex Desk Unlimited level and above.)

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Membership Features & Amenities

ALL of our Flex, Dedicated, and Office members have the same access to services like printing and mail, staffed reception, and reserved conference rooms. Plus all members benefit from our privacy-oriented design and thoughtful reservation system (for both Flex desks and conference rooms) that guarantee you'll have the space you need when you need it.

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  • A Great Experience for Guests & Members.

    Staffed reception area during business hours to greet your guests. Fresh-brewed coffee throughout the day. Don't worry about the dishes. We load the dishwasher, so you can relax.

  • Private Meeting Spaces & Storage

    Conferencing-enabled meeting rooms. Private phone booths with excellent sound-proofing. Locked storage available for all membership levels.*

  • Mail Services Made Easy!

    Send and receive mail with ease! Mailboxes for all members. Mail and delivery services for USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

  • Spaces Just For You

    Only dedicated or reserved spaces; no first-come/first-serve desks or meeting rooms, so you always know you have a spot reserved. Spaces to work, brainstorm, relax, and meet. Locked storage at private desks and offices, plus lockers for rent for Flex members.

  • Technology, Simplified.

    FAST and stable gigabit internet and business class wifi. Unlimited free printing. Extra screens and cords to borrow, when you need them.

  • Warm Community of Professionals.

    Access to BCL's community of experienced professionals. Social and professional events. Interactive member portal. Quarterly art receptions.

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