Covid-19 Plan & Resources

BCL’s 2020 Health & Safety Plan

2020 has changed the way we work, and as the founders of this space, we’re committed to ensuring that BCL remains a healthy, safe place to work. We have now moved into the era of social distancing coworking.

We’ve created a summary of our new health and safety plan, which includes a set of operational, behavioral, and design changes that we’ve implemented.

We strongly encourage you to review the summary of our plan, as it will require everyone in the BCL community to take specific steps to support our collective health and safety.

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BCL’s COVID-19 Operational Plan

This plan is based on the best science and public health information available to us. It was created with guidance from Cornell University, the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), the EPA, and OSHA. Given the evolving nature of the threat, this Plan is a living document, and we will be updating it as new science and public health information becomes available.

Drawing on the best guidance available, our plan focuses on two broad areas:

  1. Design and operational changes. This includes overall space configuration to support social distancing, changes to common areas, single-serving condiments for lounges, increased ventilation, touchless features, and enhanced cleaning/sanitation practices.
  2. Behavioral expectations. All members of the BCL community–staff, members, and guests–will be expected to abide by new guidelines for social distancing and community well-being. These guidelines include cleaning in and out of shared resources (meeting rooms, phone booths, lounge areas) and high-touch surfaces; maintaining social distancing; wearing a mask per BCL’s guidelines; and disclosing any illness or exposure to COVID-19. We will also be implementing extensive signage to explain and reinforce expectations.

Covid-19 Resources

To support the BCL community, we’ve compiled a round-up of resources from trusted sources, as well as crowd-sourced from our members. Have additional resources you want to share with us? Email Neil or Erin.

Business, Loan & Financial Resources:

Many small businesses are eligible for loans and support under the federal government’s CARES Act, as well as local actions. Here are resources to help you get started.

NYC Community and Non-Profit Resources:

Whether you’re a non-profit or you’re looking for community resources, our members have had great suggestions on ways to take action in these uncertain times.

Creative and Cultural Resources:

And if you’re at home and looking for ways to spark your creativity and support our local institutions, here are some programs being offered for free by our NYC stalwarts.

Matthew Thurmond

Co-Artistic Director / Kids Unlimited Institute of the Arts

“BCL is probably one of the most conscientious, safest public places I’ve visited. I’m more comfortable at BCL than any other space aside from home.”