Seltzer Creative Group

Nine months of the year, all day long, we drink cup after cup of hot coffee so that we can think, draw, code and innovate for our extraordinary group of clients.

The other three months of the year we drink iced coffee.

Founded in 2003 by Thomas Seltzer, illustrator and art director, Seltzer Creative Group’s goal is to return “design” to its original meaning: a synonym for “plan.” We focus on problem solving. We help our clients hone their most marketable ideas, figure out the best way to communicate them, and then bring them into the world in the most memorable, beautiful, effective way we can. The key to this process is establishing a rapport with our clients. Many of them have been with us more than 5 years. Some have been with us since the beginning. We’d love you to join them.

Thomas Seltzer Founder and Creative Director
Olena Protsenko Graphic Designer, Web Designer

Ryan Rivard

Filmmaker, producer, editor originally from the Live Free or Die state. I'm the Associate Producer at Reel Works Productions, a production company that pairs youth filmmakers with professionals to create media for clients. We've produced projects for Hasbro, American Express, and the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, and original media including a feature film and two seasons of Reel Works TV show that airs on NYClife.  Aside from Reel Works, I work on my own personal films. My recent short film OkStupid comedically tackles the world of online dating. The project was funded on Indiegogo and premiered at the 2015 Coney Island Film Festival. I'm currently directing Working Title, a web series produced by Second Star NYC. The series follows a delinquent production team that is fired by a sadistic director of an indie film. Determined to prove themselves and out for revenge, they band together to create their own movie to compete in the Working Title Film Festival. I hold a B.A. in Radio/TV/Film from Marist College. I'm a member of Brooklyn Creative League. Even though I live in Queens.