Jim Miller

Greetings fellow BCL members! If you need to sort out your financial life, or optimize it in some manner, I may be able to help. Unlike other financial professionals, I am not in the business of selling a product of any type. Instead as a fee only financial planner, you are paying for my time directly and will be advised on how to achieve your needs at a lower cost over the long run. This also means I am not in the business of managing assets, but instead helping you setup the structures that you need and providing you with the education to go forward with the plan that we generate together. The hope is to give you the confidence in your decisions and relieve the worry about these often unclear and confusing issues. Talking about money is hard for many people but it is a healthy thing to confront and understand. In that regard I offer an hour consultation for free to see if this makes sense for you and then an hourly fee for face time thereafter. I also offer a sixty day rolling return of fee if you are at all dissatisfied. Why? Because anything less than that is not worth your hard earned money. Or, since we are all in the same building you can come by and just chat about the world at large and finance in general at desk 30 on the first floor near the President Street windows or at the lunch on Wednesday for no cost at all. I am always happy to chat, just stop by.